CD Release Celebration October 17th!!

October 3, 2015
Moody Little Sister


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I can’t believe we are really here.. three years later and miles of hard lessons and dead ends, somehow this record is finally here and ready to be given to the world. Through the process of making this record we found ourselves as artists, and found who our fans are, we opened our hands wide and every time we asked, they were filled with love and support.

This record is not one that two poor kids scraping by on a musicians budget should have ever been able to afford.. and we could never have with our tribe, our network of fans, friends and even anonymous people that donated to making this album possible..

Produced by Pete Droge and Executively Produced by Elaine Summers, this record “has the feels” .. LOL!  Pete and Elaine’s records are known for soaking into your skin as soon as you put them on, and we wanted that same essence to our record as well.

Intention and love, commitment to the moment, and honesty are backbones in this album. It was our great honor to work with the talents of Jay Bellerose and Jennifer Condos and  Portland’s Bob Dunham,.. some of the most talented, and most beautiful people I have ever played music with. All of these folks were so humble and gracious despite their enormous abilities and musical skills.

We celebrate the journey on October 17th.. I hope you will join us for a night of music and poetry, and thankfulness for the fact that, sometimes things have to fall apart to put us back together.

Moody Little Sister’s CD Release Celebration

October 17th 2015  at The Old Church downtown Portland

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