Indigo Girls

March 1, 2017
Moody Little Sister

We are SO excited to open for the Indigo Girls on March 18th at the Vashon Center for the Arts!

Tickets sold out in less than one minute! If you have an extra ticket please let us know, we have family and friends that were not able to get in the door!

Wish us well, send us your energy and good mojo on the 18th.. ¬†We hope that some Moody Little Tribe Members are going to be in that crowd and they don’t even know it yet ūüôā .


Our SouthWest Honeymoon Tour!

September 6, 2016
Moody Little Sister

Hi Friends!

We are about to hit the road in a few weeks for our first ever SW tour!

We have mostly house concerts the entire tour, a few theater shows, and then some extra days to explore the SW in honor of our honeymoon!  We were married on August 27th, the day after our Annual Camping Concert! Thank you to all of you who made it there for our special weekend!

Our dream is that the SW would become part of our touring corridor every winter so we are every excited to break new ground very soon.

image (5)

Keep a look out here on our calendar for shows that will be open to the public, and please invite any friends and family in the area that would like to get to know our music!

Donations for our tour can be made to paypal account:

Thank you! Wish us much love and safe travels!

3rd Annual Camping Concert

August 5, 2016
Moody Little Sister


We are SUPER DUPER excited about our 3rd Annual Camping Concert!

This year it is Friday August 26th at Adeline Farms in Woodland, WA !

Moody Little Sister, Skybound Blue and Pagan Jug Band will be performing!

Off grid Tent and RV camping available.

The Food Cart for the weekend is Puzziti’s Wood Fired Pizza! He also makes Breakfast!

Kids Creative Tent and activities

Games and FREE TIME !

Please join us as this will be our public wedding celebration as well!

Hope to see you there!

moodylittlesiscampout-1192Ticket Link here:


“Wild Places” debut record now on itunes

June 7, 2016
Moody Little Sister

We are super excited to announce that Moody Little Sister’s debut record “Wild Places” is now available on itunes and most online avenues!

If you get a chance to review it please do!

Produced by Pete Droge and accompanied by Jay Bellerose , ¬†Jennifer Condos and Bob Dunham.. we couldn’t be more proud of it’s authenticity and beauty.



Dear Friends!

We are now booking our 2016 House Concert Tour! ¬†Please consider being a host ! ¬†We want to tour farther than ever before and get this beautiful record “Wild Places” to as many places in the world as we can. ¬†June we will be booking Southern Oregon, California, Nevada, and nearby! ¬†September we will be doing a “Honeymoon Tour” after we get married and booking New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and nearby! ¬†Please email us and request a “How to Host a House Concert” email!

Anywhere you can hold 25-50 people is ready for a house concert. We bring the sound system and the music, you provide the space and invite your friends :).

Any of these could host a house concert:

Barn, Yoga Studio, Church, Garage, Pole Barn, Car Port, Back Porch .. ETC!!

Please let us know if you’d be willing to host Moody Little Sister this year on tour!

January 18, 2016
Moody Little Sister

Now Booking 2016 House Concerts!!

7 days Straight with Moody Little Sister!

January 2, 2016
Moody Little Sister

We are So excited to finally have the week long residency at Mcmenamin’s Al’s Den!

Starting Tomorrow, Sunday, January 3rd, we will have 7 straight days of shows with Moody Little Sister, and a special guest each night!  The evening will start at 7pm with MLS, and then our guest will go on at 8PM, we close the night after their set.

Our guest line up is:

Sun Jan 3 Brian Copeland & Moody Little Sister Band
Mon Jan 4 Kelly Brightwell
Tues Jan 5 Kathryn Claire
Wed Jan 6 Promise the Moon
Thurs Jan 7 Taylor John Williams
Fri Jan 8 Rob Stroup & The Blame & Moody Little Sister Band
Sat Jan 9 Skybound Blue & Moody Little Sister Band

We also get to stay in the hotel and song-write the entire week and bring down songs we’ve written to each show!

Please make plans to join us!





Happy Holidays Friends!

Moody Little Sister is hitting the road again for our Holiday Concert Tour!

You can find us singing our holiday favorites, tunes from our new record “Wild Places” and other wintery songs at the following shows from here until our last show ON Christmas eve!
Dec 11th- Edgefield Winery
Dec 12th- Late Night Action w/ Alex Falcone

Dec 15th- Reverend Nat’s Cider House with Tony Furtado
Dec 16th- McMenamins Old St. Francis School
Dec 19th/20th- Peninsula Arts Center
Dec 24th- McMenamins Al’s Den with Scott Fisher

Right before we became a band, Rob and I put out a holiday record called “Naomi Hooley and Rob Stroup’s Winter Wonderland” .. we compiled a few traditional tunes, wrote a few holiday numbers, and covered a few wintery tunes, like “Song for a Winter’s Night” by Gordon Lightfoot. ¬†Our little humble holiday record has become a favorite by even the most skeptical of holiday music listener.. that was actually part of our goal.

I LOVE the Holiday and was born just a few days before Christmas.  Nat King Cole and the Rat Pack sang to me through out my childhood and there was nothing better than that warm, comforting music during the darkest and coldest part of the year.

If you tune into the average holiday radio station, you will not get this warm comfort of which I speak.. so I encourage you to find your own list of good, heartfelt holiday music. This time of year is hard on everyone, and every living thing in nature takes time to go underground, rest, gather strength and stay warm! So we should too!

May we suggest adding Naomi Hooley and Rob Stroup’s Winter Wonderland to your rotation, as well as a few of our favorites, and please take time to care for yourself, and remember that love is expressed best in compassion and connection, so take the pressure off of giving gifts.. and give your love instead ..

Happy Holidays! May you know love, light and warmth during this dark season!


: Nat King Cole’s Christmas Collection,

The Rat Pack does Christmas

John Denver’s Rocky Mountain Christmas

Bing Crosby’s White Christmas

Burl Ives




December 11, 2015

CD Release Celebration October 17th!!

October 3, 2015
Moody Little Sister


MLS_coverArtMedRez-01 (1)

I can’t believe we are really here.. three years later and miles of hard lessons and dead ends, somehow this record is finally here and ready to be given to the world. Through the process of making this record we found ourselves as artists, and found who our fans are, we opened our hands wide and every time we asked, they were filled with love and support.

This record is not one that two poor kids scraping by on a musicians budget should have ever been able to afford.. and we could never have with our tribe, our network of fans, friends and even anonymous people that donated to making this album possible..

Produced by Pete Droge and Executively Produced by Elaine Summers, this record “has the feels” .. LOL! ¬†Pete and Elaine’s records are known for soaking into your skin as soon as you put them on, and we wanted that same essence to our record as well.

Intention and love, commitment to the moment, and honesty are backbones in this album. It was our great honor to work with the talents of Jay Bellerose and Jennifer Condos and ¬†Portland’s Bob Dunham,.. some¬†of the most talented, and most beautiful people I have ever played music with. All of these folks were so humble and gracious despite their enormous abilities and musical skills.

We celebrate the journey on October 17th.. I hope you will join us for a night of music and poetry, and thankfulness for the fact that, sometimes things have to fall apart to put us back together.

Moody Little Sister’s CD Release Celebration

October 17th 2015  at The Old Church downtown Portland

Ticket link:



May 24, 2015
Moody Little Sister


We are a few months away from releasing our debut record “Wild Places” to the world and I it causes me to do a lot of deep reflecting.

It’s amazing how many things outside of our control had to happen in order for this record to come together. Some things had to fall apart in order for things to fall together. And as always, in the moment it never feels like it’s happening for a reason, even though I should know by now.. it is.

This record is truly the best work of my life. I wrote songs from my honest soul, Rob and I co-wrote for the first time in our careers, and I think the results are a fusion of energies, in the same way sharing our lives together are. ¬†It’s a combination of beauty¬†and hardship, just like life.

We will have many thanks to bestow for a long time. ¬†People who choose to remain behind the scenes who made so many things possible. People ¬†like Bob Dunham who has yet to take any money for not only playing on¬†this record, but playing¬†on the entire record we scrapped after a year of work. ¬†People like Mountain Mary’s Soaps and David Hill Winery, and Miss Fit Adventures, who have shown us support over and over again.

And people who risked working with “no names”. ¬†Our producer Pete Droge, and our beautiful musical back bones of this record: Jay Bellerose and Jennifer Condos. ¬†Our inspiration from these beautiful folks continues to intertwine into our music even now as we are writing new songs. ¬†We will never be the same artists from working with this team of people.

Mostly, I believe we made something special, and in return we became something different in the process.

May that be why we make art, music, poetry, dance , song..  to inspire, and to become.

      Ocean, Rock and Sand - Moody Little Sister

Just that much closer to a Record!

May 17, 2015
Moody Little Sister





We had the honor of flying in the talented¬†photographers from Relic Photographic out of Alaska to do our photo shoot with us here in Portland, Oregon. ¬†They sponsored the entire shoot for us, making it even that much more possible to have a record in hand, as soon as we can. I couldn’t be more thankful for their gift.

We had two full days of costumes and remote locations and I have never been happier with how a photo shoot turned out in my entire career of music. ¬†I am not the best at being “natural” in front of a camera. This is the first time I just felt I could **Shine** my person onto film. ¬†Rob luckily is a SUPER natural in front of a lens,¬†so¬†together with our talented photography team, I think we captured something really special.. ourselves.. just being.. ourselves.

So much of being in the music industry is projection and disguise.. I abhor it honestly. I just want to be me, giving you my music.

But I am some of these things I project to you..

I am a woman,

I love a man that I share my entire life with including the most intimate of treasures: my music and my writing of music.

I love nature, I love to dance and be playful, I love to laugh, I love being alone in nature.. I am loving and gentle.. and if pushed  I am fierce and fiery.. and I am everything I saw in the pictures taken with Relic.

Not one of them felt false or fake. For that I couldn’t be more grateful.

Having someone from home¬†reminded me of how hard working and determined Alaskans are, but especially Alaskan women. I was reminded about where I came from;¬†a harsh land made up of extreme weather and climates, and extreme people. ¬†I took on the giant task of moving to a foreign land called the city and carving out a life for myself here that centered around music. ¬†It was the most un-natural thing I’ve ever done. I’ve had to dig in the dirt here, be resourceful with very little.. and in my own terms “Pioneer” my career without the privilege of a home base or a friend base or even fans..

My photographer had to do the same thing in her life and career.. and she picked up a camera when her life fell apart..

As a result, her heart and soul are entwined in these photographs too.

This entire process of making this record has been slow, intentional and careful, to involve and intertwine beauty, love and art into something more than just a disc with us singing on it. In it’s invisible fibers, this record is made up of people, their stories and their talents, their art, their expression.. ¬†I am humbled and made to feel small in the best of ways to be this much closer to giving you a masterpiece .. made by so many hands that were not my own..

Day 1 pics HERE