Just that much closer to a Record!

May 17, 2015
Moody Little Sister





We had the honor of flying in the talented photographers from Relic Photographic out of Alaska to do our photo shoot with us here in Portland, Oregon.  They sponsored the entire shoot for us, making it even that much more possible to have a record in hand, as soon as we can. I couldn’t be more thankful for their gift.

We had two full days of costumes and remote locations and I have never been happier with how a photo shoot turned out in my entire career of music.  I am not the best at being “natural” in front of a camera. This is the first time I just felt I could **Shine** my person onto film.  Rob luckily is a SUPER natural in front of a lens, so together with our talented photography team, I think we captured something really special.. ourselves.. just being.. ourselves.

So much of being in the music industry is projection and disguise.. I abhor it honestly. I just want to be me, giving you my music.

But I am some of these things I project to you..

I am a woman,

I love a man that I share my entire life with including the most intimate of treasures: my music and my writing of music.

I love nature, I love to dance and be playful, I love to laugh, I love being alone in nature.. I am loving and gentle.. and if pushed  I am fierce and fiery.. and I am everything I saw in the pictures taken with Relic.

Not one of them felt false or fake. For that I couldn’t be more grateful.

Having someone from home reminded me of how hard working and determined Alaskans are, but especially Alaskan women. I was reminded about where I came from; a harsh land made up of extreme weather and climates, and extreme people.  I took on the giant task of moving to a foreign land called the city and carving out a life for myself here that centered around music.  It was the most un-natural thing I’ve ever done. I’ve had to dig in the dirt here, be resourceful with very little.. and in my own terms “Pioneer” my career without the privilege of a home base or a friend base or even fans..

My photographer had to do the same thing in her life and career.. and she picked up a camera when her life fell apart..

As a result, her heart and soul are entwined in these photographs too.

This entire process of making this record has been slow, intentional and careful, to involve and intertwine beauty, love and art into something more than just a disc with us singing on it. In it’s invisible fibers, this record is made up of people, their stories and their talents, their art, their expression..  I am humbled and made to feel small in the best of ways to be this much closer to giving you a masterpiece .. made by so many hands that were not my own..

Day 1 pics HERE