” Moody Little Sister is the next great band to emerge from Portland. Their songwriting is emotionally moving and structured beautifully with solid instrumentation. Their music is a rare combination of moment by moment inspiration and well-planned folk/rock presentation. Their live show is self-revealing with intimacy in their descriptions of these special songs..”

Mike Meyer, concert producer, KRVM-fm



        “.. Producer, Pete Droge, who drafted world class musicians to craft Moody Little Sister’s ‘Wild Places’, including drummer Jay Bellerose who brings some of the haunting ambience that he lent to another memorable americana duo, Robert Plant and Allison Krauss.  The result is as fine an album as has ever emerged from Portland’s acoustic community.”   – Jeff Rosenberg: Willamette Weekly 


” There aren’t adequate words to describe the magic that Naomi and Rob bring into a living room.. Naomi’s lyrics come from a deep place withing her to touch the hearts of everyone listening, and her vocal is pure honey. Together with Rob’s considerable talent on the guitar, Moody Little Sister makes for an unforgettable house concert..

Book them! Your Audience will thank you!

–  C. Wood ( Concerts In Your Home) 2015


“Moody Little Sister’s performance at Britt Music and Arts Festival in the fall of 2015, proved to be strong and memorable.  Naomi and Rob took the audience on an intimate journey through their original and well-shaped melodies….

…Naomi and Rob are provocative performing artists and social change agents.  The Britt stage will see them again.”

        – Donna Briggs –President and CEO  – Britt Music and Arts Festival  Jacksonville, Oregon- 2015 


….Naomi’s love for nature and her music depict a strong relation to one another.  Her path has been walked and felt.  Her voice soulful and bold.. Close your eyes and get lost in her sound, her words, and her energy.  One of a kind, unique and extremely talented…
-2015  Nichole Becker, Owner/Founder – Miss Fit Adventures, LLC


“your music just kills.   I’m in love with both of you.  ”

– The Marty Reimer Show    7/8/14

One is a smoky-voiced, piano-playing, 70’s-inspired vixen; the other a dusty blues guitarist and singer.

– Ethan Maffey, The Source Weekly (Dec 12, 2013)

“Take a listen to these two, you will likely, and want to take a selfie of yourself at their next show to prove your hipness.”

– The Marty Reimer Show    12/13/13

Whether crooning sweet and sultry, or popping hipster swing with catchy, winsome tracks like “A Button For Your Coat,” Hooley’s songwriting is masterly.
– Sunny Clark, Oregon Music News (Oct 17, 2012)

People say Hooley is not just another girl on the piano. A button-face blond with a thin frame juxtaposes her cool, powerful voice and boldness on the keys.
– Cari Hachmann, Portland Tribune (Nov 13, 2012)

Her sound is earthy and approachable, and her backstory is the stuff of serendipitous musical legend. My theory is, no matter where you listen to Naomi’s music, you will be reminded of home.
– Katie Presley, Bitch Media : B-Sides (May 01, 2012)

..True grit paired up with piano pop storytelling sets this singer-songwriter from Alaska apart from the crowd.
– Inessa, KINK FM (Oct 24, 2011)

…instead of wallowing in misery, Naomi Hooley wrote a very fine new album called “It Was A Great October” that would please fans of Adele, Carole King, Judy Collins and any female singer with a great set of pipes. Standout cuts include “Button” and the semi-classical title track, which displays Hooley’s lyrical skills and just-enough-power-to-make-the-point vocal approach. ( Jake Oken-berg and Naomi Hooley CD Release) This pairing should be one of the best musical offerings in town this week.
– ROB CULLIVAN, Portland Tribune (Oct 13, 2011)

When asked to describe her music, Hooley said that when pressed for time .. she goes with “vintage piano pop. Her influences are people like Jim Croce and Carole King… She mentioned a few more strains that run through the record. “I was definitely raised in a religious setting for a lot of my life,” Hooley said. “That old gospel soul kind of stuff that comes out there sometimes.” …some songs are on the verge of being country or Americana,” she said. In short, she doesn’t write for any particular genre and has trouble classifying herself. “Writing for me is part of processing,” she said. “When I song-write I’m processing my own thoughts and my dreams. I don’t ever confine myself to a genre.”
– Andrew Wellner, Frontiersman (Aug 29, 2011)

Standing behind a piano with the lights of Juneau shining through the window behind her, Naomi Hooley pounded out a progression of bluesy chords that brought the talking crowd at The Island Pub…to a near-silent standstill.
– Teri Tibbet, One Aisle Over- not so in the mainstream (Mar 05, 2008)