May 24, 2015
Moody Little Sister


We are a few months away from releasing our debut record “Wild Places” to the world and I it causes me to do a lot of deep reflecting.

It’s amazing how many things outside of our control had to happen in order for this record to come together. Some things had to fall apart in order for things to fall together. And as always, in the moment it never feels like it’s happening for a reason, even though I should know by now.. it is.

This record is truly the best work of my life. I wrote songs from my honest soul, Rob and I co-wrote for the first time in our careers, and I think the results are a fusion of energies, in the same way sharing our lives together are.  It’s a combination of beauty and hardship, just like life.

We will have many thanks to bestow for a long time.  People who choose to remain behind the scenes who made so many things possible. People  like Bob Dunham who has yet to take any money for not only playing on this record, but playing on the entire record we scrapped after a year of work.  People like Mountain Mary’s Soaps and David Hill Winery, and Miss Fit Adventures, who have shown us support over and over again.

And people who risked working with “no names”.  Our producer Pete Droge, and our beautiful musical back bones of this record: Jay Bellerose and Jennifer Condos.  Our inspiration from these beautiful folks continues to intertwine into our music even now as we are writing new songs.  We will never be the same artists from working with this team of people.

Mostly, I believe we made something special, and in return we became something different in the process.

May that be why we make art, music, poetry, dance , song..  to inspire, and to become.

      Ocean, Rock and Sand - Moody Little Sister